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Shampooing Lipokérine B

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Lipokérine B structurising shampoo provides extremely mild and particularly gentle cleansing of dry scalps and brittle hair, as well as care, shine and softness.
Size: 250ml


  • Fatty acid condensate with oat protein amino acids: gently cleanse and fortifies stressed hair
  • Ethyl panthenol: increases moisture, bounce and bounce. Helps protect skin against the abuse of the elements
  • Guar bean polysaccharide: improves the hair’s combability and softness
  • Sugar surfactant: mild and gentle cleansing

How to use

Brush hair out and moisten with warm water. Distribute approx. 7-10 ml of Shampooing Lipokérine B along the parting of the scalp and lightly massage in to the scalp. Lather up the hair again with water and then rinse. If necessary, can be performed a second time.

Extra info

Feeling tightness? Itchiness? If the scalp is dry and imbalanced, the hair rapidly becomes dry and brittle. Sounds fairly worrying? That’s because it is! In addition, that is anything but the perfect prerequisites for shiny, healthy and soft hair. The choice of shampoo is of vital importance. Extra mild, extra gentle, extra conditioning – a shampoo for dry scalps couldn’t be any kinder. Shampooing Lipokérine B provides valuable conditioning to fortify dry scalps and stressed hair as soon as you begin washing. Fine plant lipo amino acids nourishes the hair. Active panthenol provides valuable moisture which pampers dry scalps. The desired scalp sensation is instantly achieved - hello beautiful, healthy hair. Your dream of shiny, seductively soft hair with expressive vitality becomes a reality. Your hair is easily combable and your style looks perfect.