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Lotion Desincrustante

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Combats blocked pores: Lotion Desincrustante loosens the external skin cell layer and thus the sebum in the blocked pores. This results in a clean and clear complexion and prevents inflammation.
Size: 100ml


  • Complex of natural essential oils with skin revitalizing properties
  • Salicylic acid
  • Plant glycerine maintains the skin’s moisture
  • Alcohol clarifies the skin surface and prevents the appearance of new inflammations

How to use

Apply Lotion Desincrustante to a cotton pad, dab on to the affected areas of the face and then thoroughly cleanse the skin with Clair de Teint Clarifiant. Tip: For blocked pores, several times a week leave a soaked cotton pad on the affected areas of skin as a compress.

Extra info

Bye-bye zits!
Thanks to its special cleansing properties, Lotion Desincrustante’s clarifying effect makes it particularly suitable for blemished skin. The sebum-loosening effect makes it ideal for treating stubborn pore blockages. Used over a longer period of time, the stubborn blackheads are softened and extreme cornifications are reduced. At the same time, alcohol clarifies the skin surface, and prevents new inflammation. Plant glycerine stores moisture in the skin, and ensures that the skin doesn’t feel dry or irritated. The result: The skin looks cleaner and clearer. To intensify the effect, we recommend the application of further products from Methode Clarifiante.