Stress free holiday hair

Stress free holiday hair

Your bags are packed, travel money purchased, taxi booked and you’ve checked in online. You’re ready to leave the miserable British summertime behind, but there’s one thing you might have forgotten. How do you stop your hair going like Monica from friends when you’re on holiday?

The reason for my blog this month is to tell you there is help out there to make your hair less, ‘No woman no cry’ and more suitably demure like those chic locals themselves, who always seem to look cool while us Brits arrive looking like we’ve been traveling in a sauna.

Your hair is only 10% moisture so it goes looking for moisture in the air. In Britain this comes in the form of mist, on holiday it’s humidity. Here are a couple of ways to combat this.

Firstly I wouldn’t recommend using a smoothing product that requires using a hairdryer to activate its potency. We’ve all tried blow drying our hair in sub tropical temperatures only to end up with hair wetter than when we started.

Instead, either embrace the disheveled beach look by applying LANZA HEALING BEACH SPRAY to hair that is 70% dry, then step out to get your breakfast and before your grapefruit can squirt you in the eye your hair will have dried to perfection all thanks to the morning sun. The spray contains UVA, UVB and UVC sun protection which will also help keep your colour from fading.

Many beach sprays are made using table salt, which can leave your hair dull and gritty. But LANZA’s beach spray is made with actual sea salt, which has a lower alkaline level ensuring your hair stays shiny and in good condition.

If, on the other hand you want smooth, shiny, humidity-resistant hair on holiday there is only one thing I could recommend – the PERMANENT BLOW DRY. It’s an in-salon service that takes around the same time to perform as a colour service – 3 to 4 hours depending on hair length and thickness. The easiest way to explain its AMAZING benefits is to imagine your hair’s cuticle layer as being like the slates on the roof of your house. The thicker and coarser your hair the larger the space is between your roof slates, which allows the moisture to get in. To begin the permanent blow dry we paint a solution onto your hair and that finds its way into all the gaps and cracks in your hair. Next we blow dry the solution into your hair and lastly, using flat irons, we seal in the solution which forms a beautiful glass like shine Which prevents the humidity from penetrating into your hair.

The full “OMG my hair is so easy to do I just blast it with the hairdryer and it’s perfect” effect lasts 4 months. But I see the product’s benefits still evident in clients’ hair up to 10 months later, making blow drying easier and condition better. It makes what ever hair it goes onto better, so the more often you have it done the better your hair will be.

At PURDEY we use only the finest products to bring you hair that is ‘HEALTHY, CURRENT AND REAL’.

Now tell the taxi driver to turn around, you’ve left your passport on your bedside table.

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