Speed colour

Speed colour

The very thing everybody wants more of is the thing we seem to have least of………..time.

Why is it the more you are denied something the more you want it?
Your school friend’s birthday is this weekend you know what your wearing any one of the five outfits you’ve bought just in case you need more choice, you’ve made sure your partner’s hair has gone from hobo to hipster and the kids are munching on treats at grandma’s.

But among all this organising you’ve had no time to book in to get your roots done and no amount of ‘Colour Wow’ root cover is going to fix the problem like a real colour appointment would.

But now thanks to our latest service ‘Speed Colour’ at PURDEY we’ve turned the problem of ‘no time’ into ‘me time”.

Cleverly placed Balayage pieces can be applied, processed and power dried in an average of 90 minutes – around half the time of a normal colour service. We can apply colour to both your regrowth along the parting line, freshen up ombré and balayage or bring your preferred tone of grey or violet back to life.

To book your ‘Speed colour’ service call the salon on 01224211890 and watch out for cancelation slots posted on our Facebook.

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