Protect david beckham

Protect david beckham

David Beckham should be the most protected man in Britain. No, scrap that – the world. For if anything were to happen to him there would be anarchy among men, pomade sales would fall overnight, and mankind would be left in a darkness of hair trend incompetency. Their hair suddenly reverting to the ‘bit up at the front haircut’ of the boy band era or worse the ‘curtains look’. Ladies, you’re lucky you have umbrella trends spawned by clever fashion editors, who get together over a skinny soya lattes to mastermind the trends seen on the high street so that women all look, all at once, in fashion and slightly individual. All men have is David Beckham. The man who made looking after your hair acceptable. Before this we had to rely on offering women drinks and crappy chat up lines so as to deflect from the fact that men as a majority, looked like crap. And worse, the ones like myself who did care about their appearance, were ridiculed by their peers. Then David Beckam coloured his hair blonde and the whole game changed.

That was 15 years ago and I am sad to say that I am two and a half years younger than David Beckam, yet he has only a few white hairs whereas my hair is 45% white. There is actually no such thing as ‘grey hair’ – it’s just white hair that sits next to natural hair making it appear grey. And my white hair sits so very confidently against my natural shade.

So this got me thinking – has David Beckham started colouring his hair again? When he has coloured his hair, he has always historically gone for a lighter colour. Has he now realised that covering his grey is now the way forward? There is a colour by L’Oréal called ‘Homme’ that blends away white hair rewinding the clock but not resetting it, like traditional colour which gives a blanket coverage that can make the finished look very obvious and brash. In just five minutes the ‘Homme’ colour leaves the white hairs toned, so they’re still visible but ultimately natural looking.

I decided to give it a try. And I have to say, I love it. I always thought I’d be the kind of guy that didn’t mind going grey, a kind of easy going ‘whatever happens, happens kind of guy’. But I am not.

The effect lasts two to three weeks but with continued use, you can build up a longer lasting colour on your hair. I think though I’ll stick to using it every six weeks, as it happens along with not being that ‘whatever happens, happens guy’ I also don’t want my friends to know that I colour my hair. And as they don’t read my blog I can get away with being the vain, vanity dealer that I am. Half man, half hairdresser.

L’Oréal’s Homme colour is available at PURDEY to book phone the salon on 01224211890

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