Olaplex- a miracle in a bottle

Olaplex- a miracle in a bottle

When I was younger anything that was sold with passion always got my attention. Watching the tv ad’s grandly claiming – “It’s a miracle! the greatest, most innovative tooth paste you’ve ever used,” would always make me go out and buy the product

Fast forward to today, and let’s just say I am a little less impressed by catchy advertising and promises that the latest product offering from the beauty editor’s column is going to be the one that changes our lives. Or so I thought.

A browse through the Sunday Times Style magazine alerted me to a product called Olaplex. The beauty critic, India Knight, known for her exacting and truthful analysis of all things beauty, pronounced it “miraculous”, a “massive, massive game-changer”, “A-fricking-mazing on anything from blonde to black to grey”. This lady knows her stuff. And she was right.

We’ve been using OLAPLEX at Purdey for three months and I have to say I didn’t actually think it was possible to feel love for a plastic bottle full of orange liquid, but we think it is the greatest thing to happen to hair colour since…….well, hair colour.

It has many uses, going lighter than you’ve ever managed before, creating thicker, stronger hair and repairing past damage.

I promise not to go all ‘science’ on you but it works like this. When we make your hair blonde using bleach the reason your hair ends up feeling drier afterwards is because in order to make you blonde, the bleach has to literally break down the fabric of your hair, forcing the natural pigment out and breaking the bonds that keep your hair together, natural and healthy.

Olaplex works by rebuilding these bonds as the bleach breaks them. For people with fine to medium hair who do not want bleach anywhere near their locks, thank you very much, Olaplex can act as a stand alone treatment to multiply your hair’s bonds giving you thicker stronger hair.

And it doesn’t disappear down the plug hole – its a permanent fix. Olaplex vastly improves whatever hair it goes onto, so the more you use it the thicker and stronger your hair becomes. My wife is on treatment number six and her hair is thriving. After having our two beautiful boys, pregnancy with its flux of hormones took its toll on her hair. But thanks to Olaplex and a healthy dose of protein in the morning and lunch, her hair is well on the road to recovery. And anything that makes my wife happy makes me overjoyed. Thank you little bottle of revolutionary, orange, miracle potion.

Olaplex is available from £15 per dose in colour and £20 as a stand alone treatment.

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