Life after Ombré

Life after Ombré

Everybody wants something better. Nobody lives in London but dreams of life in Skegness! It’s no different when it comes to our hair. Dip dyes and ombré have been trends for the last few seasons, so of course we want the next trend to be even better. We can’t go from awesome to average. We want more.

There are a few people sited to have been the forerunners of ombré – Drew Barrymore and ‘The Hills’ Lauren Conrad to name a couple. We started seeing these looks in Britain about 4 years ago.  In America however, it’s been the trend choice of salons for nearly 6 years.

Why? The answer is simple – the recession. As global financial crisis broke, retailers, fashion houses and even car manufacturers shared the fear that consumers would make cuts to income that they viewed as ‘expendable’. In hair terms it meant less money spent on high maintenance looks such as platinum blondes.

Ombré provided a fashion forward, value for money solution. High impact colour followed up by a root touch-up and the occasional replacement of lighter pieces.  Simple, stylish and cost-effective.

Now, as countries claw their way out of the recession, we start to see people’s appetites for new trends emerging once more.

So what next? Copper tones have been the  offering of the first six months of the year, but they are for the brave and the tonally compatible among us. The majority of my clients opt for the best of both worlds approach of brunette with blonde uplighting.

We want more I hear you say and you deserve it! In a sea of normcore clothing we need our hair to say something our clothes are not.

As part of the L’ANZA haircare creative team I get an insight into the global hair trends that are emerging. For the bolder among us rainbow colours on mid lengths and ends are a strong option. Those with more subtle tastes are sticking with the concept of ombré, but the techniques we’re using mean there is new artistry in its application.

Clients come into PURDEY looking for instant results, inspired by looks they share with us from Instagram and Pinterest. The world of inspirational fashion, hair and style only a click away on their tablet or smart phone.

And why shouldn’t client’s get what they want? The world is moving fast, trends are moving fast, technology is moving fast. At PURDEY we’re committed to moving at that pace too, ensuring our clients walk out of the salon with the hair that matches their vision. Or something that’s even better.


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