Is the gym ruining your hair?

Is the gym ruining your hair?

We’ve all seen people in a hurry at the gym. The girl who hasn’t taken her make up off, or the woman who skips washing her hair and rushes out the exit amidst a powdery cloud of dry shampoo.

But something that the majority of people don’t realise is that lactate acid from sweat eats away at your hair follicle, where your hair grows out of your scalp. So not washing your hair is, ironically, detrimental to what your trying to achieve on the treadmill. As we all know if your hair is not right, then we don’t feel right!

If you are a gym bunny and have begun to notice more and more unruly little hairs popping up all over your once smooth tresses, it is more than likely your hair is under attack from the sweat left over from your work out. I know, it’s not fair, exercise is meant to be good for you. But L’ANZA Healing Nourish treatment range has the answer.

The three products in the range – a shampoo, conditioner and treatment – all aim to neutralise toxins and nourish the scalp.

The shampoo keeps your hair in the growing phase of its life. There are three phases in hair growth – incubation, growing and falling out. Quite simply, the longer the hair stays in the growing part of the cycle, the longer it grows. It also contains loquat – a super antioxidant which has been found in Chinese medicine for generations and is known to stimulate hair growth.
The conditioner promotes new hair growth and strengthens your existing locks, stopping breakage and giving your hair the resilience it needs to survive the many perils of modern styling and lifestyle changes.

The scalp treatment neutralises the sweat from exercise and hormonal imbalance which is common in menopausal women, who can suffer tremendous temperature changes in an instant leading to perspiration on the scalp. Using the scalp spray in the morning will neutralise the aforementioned lactate acid when the perspiration starts.

The L’ANZA Healing Nourish range is available to buy at PURDEY.

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