How to get the best Balayage in Aberdeen

How to get the best Balayage in Aberdeen

* There are many ways to achieve Balayage ‘like’ results. But Balayage, which means ‘to stroke’ in its traditional form involves the freehand application of a lightning bleach or colour.

* Traditional Balayage can be applied right to the roots, but the more modern applications and techniques see the finished look with a larger root area. This root area may be natural hair colour or hair colour that has been applied at your visit to the salon.

* Often Baby Lights are used around the hairline to ensure the hair looks like it is completely coloured when wearing your hair back.

* If you don’t have face framing punchy pieces of Balayage around the face or Baby Lights around the hair line, hair can look like an Ombre colour rather than Balayage.

* The difference between ombre and balayage is ombre is basically a hair colour that has a large root area with the lighter coloured hair starting three Quarters of the way down the hair length. Which gradually gets lighter toward the ends.

* Foilage is another way of achieving a Balayage ‘like’ technique. This can be used to lift hair lighter as the foil conducts heat which allows the hair to lift lighter.

* Please feel free to send us any pictures of your dream hair and we will be happy to inform you of the technique used.

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