Dream Hair

Dream Hair

See it, love it, want it. Maybe silver, maybe pink or maybe violet; whatever instagram has done to inspire you to change your hair colour to a pastel or cooler tone there is something important to understand. That perfect lilac tone you’ve been drooling over was either applied to hair that was already blonde or that hair has been taken on a long journey to get from a darker tone to the one you are now pinning on your “Dream Hair” Pinterest board.

Because that’s the trouble with Pinterest it’s full of before and after shots “look where we started! And look where we ended!”. The thing you don’t see is the stylist telling the dark brunette that she will have to be copper before she’s blonde, or the three revisits to the salon in between where the bill was over £100 each time. The picture below is a classic example of how much work goes into removing pigment from your hair.

Looking at this picture above, if you have a dark base colour whether it is natural or out of a box , you will have a lot of the middle colour (orange/gold) or as we like to call it copper lurking underneath your dark base colour.

The last pigments that are removed from the hair before becoming truly blonde are orange, gold and yellow; and these last pigments are the hardest to remove. If you do have a dark base, be prepared to think about your hair as a journey that has a few colour stops along the way.

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