Boho bob – to chop or not to chop

Boho bob – to chop or not to chop

Does this sound familiar? You’re waiting for your friend at lunch and she arrives, all smiles and happiness, because she’s gone for the chop. The ‘boho bob’ that’s tumbling about her shoulders looking effortlessly tussled and every bit as perfect as the Pinterest/Instagram picture she’s been pushing under your nose for weeks, has now come to life and what’s more it really suits her……

Soon you are asking everyone you know, and even some people you don’t, whether you too should go all Sienna Miller and reinvent yourself? And before you know it you find yourself in the stylist’s chair talking about chopping off your much coveted luscious locks. But as my colleague Jennifer Turnbull says “You have to fall out of love with long hair before you go for the chop, otherwise you will regret it”.

After all you and your long hair have a lot of history. It’s been with you for years helping shape everything from that Saturday night outfit to the relationship with your boyfriend. And now the idea of cheating on it and becoming a shorter haired girl is enough to send you into a hair sweat. It’s like seeing that girl in the changing room who is trying on the dress you have on. Only it’s in green and it really suits her. It makes you think, ‘should I have that colour’? It’s true that we often want what we don’t have.

One of the reasons we are so attracted to the bob is that it has a strong structure and shape which gives your hair a significant style.

If you are ready for the chop and feel it would work for you, here are a few tips.

1. Do your research. Pinterest and Instagram are great for ideas, just don’t forget to say it’s a restyle when you make your appointment and upload the images on your smart phone or tablet before you go to the salon.

2. Arrive at your appointment early so you can relax. This gives your stylist a chance to consult with you earlier if they are running on time. Try to think of the haircut you are gaining rather than the one you are losing.

3. Be realistic. Are you going to devote the time needed to style your new do? The ‘done but undone’ look we so often long for, in reality means spending a lot of time making it look like you’ve spent no time at all.

4. If you are still unsure, go for a longer version. If you like it you’ll be back to get it shorter. If you don’t, it won’t take as long to grown back.

At PURDEY we believe listening to our client’s is the key to happy hair. To book a no obligation consultation contact the salon on 01224 211890.

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